Okay that headline does sound a bit unfair, Edward Snowden isn’t really a nerd he’s more of a techno-Godzilla who exposed the lies of the entire western world.

And well done to him for doing so. More on that –> HERE

Now then, according to her bio on Gossip Gist, his wife Lindsay Mills is an acrobat and a poet but it seems to me that most of her acrobatic work involves a stripper pole and very little else.

Not that I’m complaining.

Here’s a selection of pictures which Lindsay has posted to her Instagram.

And here’s one of Lindsay’s short but to the point poems.



a way
to shine

I have to agree with those words.

The good thing is that however western propaganda chooses to label this couple, they are both secure in their Russian penthouse and able to blog on international espionage and semi-naked exercise tips.

However, the question still remains – how did a skinny dodgeball like Edward Snowden manage to score himself a petite, athletic minx like Lindsay?

I mean let’s face it, the Russians could have “assigned” him to an adoptable Slavic waif in dire need of a meal – couldn’t they?

And the short answer is that question is no – Snowden is way too smart for that – and besides why milk a Kazakhstan cow when you already have a faithful, flexible woman ready to follow you to Siberia for love….. and money.

Surely this has gotta be good news because it seems to me that you can expose the lies of the entire Western world and still land yourself a bangable nymph.

(Note to self: Mention that to RiP)

You can follow Lindsay’s blog —> HERE

Author: Michael W