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NMi is back!

If you’re looking for a dose of internet caffeine, then all your boredom stops here. Welcome to News Media Images.

Whether you’re in the mood to laugh, learn or be inspired, you’ll find NMi is all you need.

NMi was originally launched back in 2009. However, in 2021 the site was purchased by Rambling In Pen and will continue to be written by Michael W.

This time around Michael will be creating absolutely ridiculous articles about politicians and the elite.

Whilst you may find hidden messages buried within each posting please remember that the primary purpose of Michael’s ‘made-up malarky’ is to make you laugh.

After all, the puppets in the MSM make shit up every minute of every day – but none of it is funny.

What The Papers Say

Daily Mail…… If Michael ever gets a life and take things seriously then maybe……

Daily Express….. Somehow Michael manages to make a living writing articles about the rich and famous. He writes with a unique style which is mostly funny but occasionally it’s dark and downright mental. 

Sunday Times….. Michael writes a waspish news site.

The Guardian….. Splendid cynical commentary from Michael Wheeler.


In publishing these articles the author, Michael W, or Rambling in Pen earn anything from any source what-so ever. 

Links to other sites are provided for YOUR informational purposes only. 

Any ads seen in videos are not created by this site, nor does it earn from them.

No advertising revenue.

No subscriptions.

No fee paying ‘members only‘ articles.

The author Gerry Spence once said:

The employment of humour can be the most devastating of all weapons in an argument. Humor is omnipotent when it reveals the truth.

But beware, attempting to be funny and failing is one of the most dangerous of all strategies.

Welcome to NMi – the website using the most dangerous of strategies!

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