The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, said it could be months before there will be a relaxation of the lock down rules – and that people should continue to exercise extreme caution.

He has urged families to limit the length and scale of their family gatherings.  

At a recent press conference Boris said everyone should, “keep their visits short and small

Short and small?

Well that’s typical of Mr BJ… 

Take a good long look at …. our Prime Minister. 

Ask yourselves this.

Is this pathetic excuse of a human being a shambling, unkempt, badly-dressed, mop-headed pillock? (Answer – yes)

Does he make you feel proud to be British? (Answer – no)

How is this BJ Prime Minister even in office? (Answer – ???

Lets face it his suit jackets do not fit and are normally tied with the single button hanging on for dear life. They look like a mountaineer clinging to the cliff-edge.

Then we have his trousers which usually look like a set of crumpled jodhpurs.

His shirts are never fresh either. The collars are a disgrace – a size 18 collar on a size 15 neck.

And then his ties – always mank, manked and then mankied a bit more.

If he cannot present himself better than this, then he should come to press briefings dressed in a track-suit and be done with it.

That is, if he can find one.

Oh, I understand – our BJ PM is a busy little puppet, handling the NWO’s global plandemic.

Yeah, I get that.

However, that is no excuse for going around dressed like a stale hot cross bun. 

Besides our BJ Prime Minister is an excellent liar. Everyone knows that.

So what?

Well, BJ does upset those sneering conspiracy theorists – so carry on BJ, keep lying like a cheap watch.

And yes, that’s right everyone – there is a village out there that’s missing it’s idiot!

Thanks for reading, come back soon. Have a lovely day – now be good and go wash your hands.

Author: Michael W