Mark this day on your calendar: March 10th, 2021 – because this is the day that NMi can exclusively reveal why the ‘disruptive’ Piers Morgan has really left Good Morning Britain.

The person NMi has to thank for this milestone exposé is PeeAnna Peed, aka Susanna Reid.

When Peeanna talked to Michael W about a follow-up story they were running, instead of going for the obvious, aka the day she became a top-shelf milf (don’t judge my choices), she exposed things which went a little deeper.

That is to say, she dug deep into Piers Morgan’s colon and told the tale of how her co-presenter would let his messy farts roam freely around the set of GMB.

She explained to Michael how the self-loving poofus kept ripping hot farts out during the filming of their live-on-air presentations.

Apparently Piers would also cup these farts in his hand and throw them in Peeanna’s face.

On more than one occasion wardrobe had to be called because Piers had followed through!

Peeanna also described how GMB’s sound engineers were kept very busy editing out the sound of Pier’s most unpleasants.

NMi has obtained some of the deleted audio moments.

Here’s one they missed.

Why does absolutely none of this surprise me?

OF COURSE Piers Morgan is the type who would blast butt wind at work.

And OF COURSE Piers Morgan would laugh while trying to push the stink into someone’s face.

I’m more shocked that Peeanna’s story didn’t end with Piers making a makeshift bed on set, pulling the entire cast into it and then giving them all a dutch oven experience which could bend space and time.

I leave you with this question. Are you surprised to learn that Piers full name is Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan. Is that pronounced poo or phew!

Author: Michael W